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Our Vision

Mission Statement

“We love children and data. Almost Equally”

To provide the highest quality services

Our staff is highly trained and skilled in Applied Behavior Analysis. All therapists are required to become Registered Behavior Technicians and supervision is provided by BCBA’s and BCaBA’s on a frequent schedule. All staff regularly attend trainings and workshops to stay up to date on the latest research and methodology in Applied Behavior Analysis. Data is collected in our programs on a daily basis to ensure that each child is making progress and interventions are successful and efficient.


Many programs for children with special needs focus on the love and care that they provide for their clients. Our therapists not only love their clients, but also love to push their clients to learn and grow. At Madison Behavior Therapy our goal is to help your child reach his or her highest level of independence possible by providing a positive and encouraging environment to learn. Our focus is to provide all the tools necessary for our clients to be happy and engaged members of their community when they become adults.

People Over Profit

At Madison Behavior Therapy we believe that the way we interact with our clients, families, other professionals, and community members is the most important part of our medical practice. We strive to build relationships that focus on compassion, trust, and respect. Our therapists are active in volunteer and community service projects. Some therapists provide pro bono hours to families in need. Parents are asked to attend parent training once a week so that we can offer a strong support system. We believe that how you make others feel about themselves says a lot about your company and the services you provide.


Madison Behavior Therapy is founded on the vision that comprehensive and effective services in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) should be available to everyone, regardless of diagnosis or socio-economic status. We will work with each family to determine the most cost-effective treatment plan.

Our staff is dedicated to providing support to the whole family and collaborating with parents and caregivers during treatment planning. Weekly Parent Training with a BCBA or BCaBA is a mandatory component of our program model.

We practice only the most current scientific research in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and believe that all progress should be tracked with data. Target skills are broken down into small steps, so that the learner is provided with a greater probability for achieving success.

Our compassionate and caring therapy team creates programs based upon each individual's interests, goals, and objectives. We manipulate reinforcers to create a fun and effective learning environment, which naturally encourages a client to learn and work independently. All therapy sessions are conducted on a 1:1 therapist to student ratio.

Empirically based programs are used to increase socially appropriate behaviors and decrease maladaptive problem behaviors. Teams work in a cohesive and professional manner to increase the client's and his/her family’s overall quality of living. All programs are supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

We do not believe there are “bad” children or teenagers. Problem (or “bad”) behaviors occur because they are serving a function, or “purpose”, for the individual. By assessing and understanding the purpose of the unwanted behavior, we can develop a treatment plan that decreases “problem” behaviors and increases positive alternative, replacement behaviors.

We operate on a medical model, providing ABA therapy services in the Clinic, home, and community settings. We welcome collaboration with a child’s school team, as well as other medical professionals (OT, Speech therapist, psychologist) in order to provide consistency and ensure generalization across settings.

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