Katelyn Dinkel | RBT

Katelyn Dinkel | RBT Program Coordinator

Registered Behavior Technician

Katelyn Dinkel graduated Cum Laude from Auburn University with a BS in Human Development and Family Studies with a focus in middle childhood. While at Auburn, Katelyn went through an extensive internship at Little Tree Preschool, which is a part of the Auburn University’s ABA graduate program. This is where she found her passion for ASD and similar disorders. Katelyn began her career as an in-home therapist. As her persistence grew to seek varied procedures to assure a child's success she obtained a job within a school for children with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Katelyn worked at The Riley Center in Huntsville, Alabama as an educational therapist for three years where she received a wide-range of training in ABA therapy in the classroom setting along with using ABA practices to teach social skills. In March of 2015, Katelyn began her career at Madison Behavior Therapy where she has obtained her Registered Behavior Technician certification. She is actively working on her Masters in education of the foundations of Applied Behavioral Analysis and her B.C.B.A. certification through the University of Cincinnati.

Fun Facts

  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    I thought I was going to be teacher like my mother and grandmother. Then one day in high school one of my brothers asked me why I wanted to be a teacher and I didn’t have a good answer---so I knew from then on I wanted to work with kids but not as a teacher.
  • Favorite Children’s movie?
    The Lion King
  • Hidden Talent?
    Making people laugh, even on their tough days.
  • Favorite Color?
  • Favorite Board Game?
    I loved playing Trouble but my favorite card game is Phase 10!
  • If you joined the circus what would your job be?
    I would be a clown
  • What is the most important part of your therapy session?
    Being prepared! Having all my ducks in a row so my client can come in and have a successful environment to work in.
  • Cheesiest joke you know?
    I don’t do cheesy; I only eat cheesy.
  • Favorite comfort food?
    Grandma’s Spaghetti
  • Favorite toy when you were little?
    Baby dolls, I loved my babies
  • What is your favorite part of your job?
    The atmosphere in our clinic is by far the best thing about working at Madison Behavior Therapy. The children are having a great time, the staff is having a blast doing what we love, and it is just a positive place to be. Changing lives for our kids and their families is the most important part of my job and being able to do that in a fun environment makes going to work the easiest part of my week!

Madison Location

230 Hughes Road, Suite F

Huntsville Location

475 Providence Main Street


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